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Re: Bell-curve racism for nations
by Sabri Oncu
07 March 2002 19:50 UTC
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My Friend,

Tell this Rushton guy that there is a Turkish man with a low IQ
on WSN who wanted to send his best wishes to him.


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Sent: Thursday, March 07, 2002 9:59 AM
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Subject: Re: Bell-curve racism for nations

Perhaps you would like to attack the arguments rather than the
man, Louise?

Preventative defamation makes you appear scared of Mr Rushton. It
makes me
think that you are  incapable of attacking his arguments. I think
you owe it
to Mr Rushton and the rest of us to explain why you think he is a
racist and
upon what evidence your claims rest. Perhaps you imagine that you
preaching to the converted with these dispatches to your
intellectual clade,
so the defamation of your common enemies (like Rushton) is
permissible and
even encouraged?

I  have great respect for some of your work but I am appalled to
see this
sort of e-mail from you. It appeals to base, anti-academic
sentiments of
orthodoxy and censorship.

That mock disbelieving  "What's next? Academic articles and books
for eugenics?" made me cringe reading it. Are you afraid of
enquiry? Is there anything wrong with *arguing* for a given
thing? Are you
not aware that there is large and growing interest is de facto
Eugenics -
Transhumansism, extropianism, etc. This is a wholly legitimate
field of
scientific interest. That this field terrifies you (as it
associations with Nazi's)  is your problem. Science is moving on.
You can no
more stop it with orthodoxy than two million priests can pray the
Sun around
the Earth.

I look forward to your analysis of Mr Rushton's essay.


Jonathan Davis

P.S. I think you meant British National Party or Scottish
National Party as
there is no National Party that exists as a legal political party
in the UK.

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