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Fwd: there's no point in trying to make up stuff like this
by Threehegemons
25 February 2002 02:31 UTC
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Monterrey slum to be hidden behind wall for UN development summit
AFP - 2/24/2002

MONTERREY, Nuevo Leon - Officials here are building a wall to shield
attendees at next month's UN-sponsored International Conference on
Financing for Development from a shantytown that borders the summit site.

Dubbed "the wall of poverty," the 200-meter-long, two-meter-high wall is
only one of a series of beautification projects undertaken to make
Mexico's third-largest city more amenable to the cadre of elite arriving
here for the March 18-22 conference.

Only the dry bed of the Santa Catarina river separates the shantytown in
the area known as Colonia Caracol from the dormant Fundidora steelworks,
which now serves as a convention center.

Main thoroughfares and gardens in the area will also be spruced up before
representatives from 200 countries, including 40 heads of state and
government, turn up for the summit.

Other preparations include the commissioning of 7,000 security forces from
various agencies to guard against any possible security threat or breach,
including likely demonstrations by a range of nongovernmental

Among those advertising their presence at the summit is the Mexican group,
Citizens for the Support of Human Rights.

U.S. President George W. Bush will also spend two days at the meeting,
which aims to build stronger relations between rich and poor nations. 

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