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Re: different sociology
by Sabri Oncu
22 February 2002 04:14 UTC
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My brother wrote a book on Ibn-i Khaldoon. It is entitled
something like "Ibn-i Haldun, Sosyoloji ya da Tarih?". In English
it would read "Ibn-i Haldun, Sociology or History?". It may be of
interest to Khaled. My brother's name is Ahmet Oncu. He happens
to be a sociologist as well. Unfortunately, the book is in
Turkish and I don't know if there is any translation of it into
English or any other language. By the way, read it at your own
risk. I assume no responsibility of my brother's views.


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At 10:04 AM 2/20/2002, khaled odetalah wrote:
>   After “ Reorient”, what kind of different sociology we can
imagine and
>seek to establish ? Should we seek a different version of
>sociology’, or the whole idea of the discipline must be
questioned? What
>about the idea of building on pre – modern sociologies such as
>IbnKhaldoon’s work?
> Khaled D. Odetalah

The late Jim Blaut had a trilogy in mind but only the first 2
were completed: "Colonizer's Model of the World" and "8
Historians". The final volume was intended to present an
alternative vision
of history, based on the viewpoint of the colonized. I suspect
that this
example would have been a guide for te kind of sociology Khaled
proposing as well. If there is anything that cries out to be
written, it is
a sort of world history in 2 or 3 volumes that would once and for
all put
Europe in its proper place. Long before I ran into Jim, I had
been thinking
along these lines after reading Janet Abu-Lughod's "Before
Hegemony". The material about a Chinese boat sailing to Africa in
the 14th
century that could have fit all of Columbus's ships on its deck
whetted my
curiosity. As a model for the kind of scholarship that is needed,
you can
look at the Oxford History of the British Empire which is a
collection of
articles by various authors.

Louis Proyect
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