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Re: Fw: [osint] Reflections On 'Containment'
by Sabri Oncu
17 February 2002 23:29 UTC
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Steve wrote:

> For a more 'realistic' assessment of the world left than
> that offered by Wagar in the last post, see Wallerstein's
> current commentary.  I have to say, considering that
> something like a 'world party' is now emerging (allowing
> for the inevitable differences in organization, the result
> of communication and consciousness transformations that have
> made bureaucratic structures seem a lot less modern than
> they used to), he seems awfully gloomy.

I also find Wallerstein's assesment more realistic. Moreover, not
all of us in the "movement" dream of an imminent salvation.

Below is a Nasrettin Hodja joke for Warren. Nasrettin Hodja was a
great Turkish humorist and public intellectual from the 13th
century Seldjuk era.

What if it should!

One day Hodja was washing his yogurt pot in the Aksehir lake.
When some people saw Hodja pouring the yoghurt that remained in
the pot into the lake,  they wanted to make fun of him.
- Hodja, what are you doing? one of them asked.
- I am turning the lake into yogurt, Hodja replied.
- Can a little bit of yeast ferment such a large lake? the man
asked while others laughed at Hodja.
- You never know perhaps it might, Hodja replied, but what if it

Pessimism of the mind, optimism of the will,


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