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Re: Diversionary tactics
by Alan Spector
15 February 2002 16:41 UTC
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I don't think it's "Wag the Dog". While Enron exposes capitalism's flaws to
many of us, itis also true that the capitalists themselves will use the
Enron scandal as they fight among themselves. So many of them are not trying
to cover it up.

They might attack Iraq. I wouldn't be too dismissive of that possibility.
They risk looking like fools if they make such explicit threats and then do
nothing. Right now, the US is very strong militarily, relatively (but
temporarily)  strong economically because of the Asian crisis and problems
in Europe, and relatively weak politically (they have lots of fair-weather
friends who want money and/or are afraid of the guns, but in general, many,
many people, especially youth, have, underneath the envy, a deep resentment
of the US.)  So the US bosses are "going with their strong cards" -- using
the military to consolidate as much as they can, as fast as they can. It
will leave the world in a shambles for their children, and eventually result
in very, very serious crisis for the U.S. capitalist class. But that's for
their kids to worry about in 15-20 years......

This brings up the old debate: Is the capitalist class "stupid" (do they
believe their own myths), or are they in complete control (do they just
spread the myths to deceive others.) Both, depending on the circumstances.
But they are also constrained, not by their beliefs in democracy, but by: 1)
their fights among themselves; 2) the structural limits of the world
capitalist system; 3) their short-sightedness, so that even when they sense
a problem, they assume/hope, that someone else will solve it later.

For references, see the fable: "Who Will Bell the Cat?"

Best, Alan Spector


Alan Spector

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> Greetings from chilled Europe,
> If I might loose another hare, surely all the talk about invading Iraq is
> diversion to keep people's minds off the economic gloom at home. Nor would
> it be a good idea for them to look too closely at Enron, Global Crossing,
> Williams ...
> best regards
> Harry Forster
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