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Re: the coming Big Chill?
by Albert Bergesen
13 February 2002 20:30 UTC
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Not Cold War II, but the beginning of the Triple Entente/Triple Alliance of
our time.  

Stremlin raises a good question.  My suspicion, though, is:

Not Cold War, but interimperialist rivalries.

Hegemonic decline plus Euro ascent has begun to reach the point where the
older NATO/great power/capitalist core/call it what you want alliance is
starting to split/unravel.

The Pre-1914 analogy is back on the table.

A sign to look for:  Bringing Russia into some sort of
treaty/alliance/agreement/something with the European powers.

It would be the old world-system theory prediction was Moscow/Berlin/Paris
vs. Washington/Tokyo/Beijing with the British on the bubble.

Will it shake out this way?  

a.j. bergesen

At 02:44 AM 2/13/2002 -0500, Boris Stremlin wrote:
>Questions for discussion/elucidation:
>Will the US attempt to overthrow Saddam Hussein, now openly proclaimed
>even by Colin Powell, mark the final collapse of the Euro-American
>alliance?  Are the recent comments by Joschka Fischer and Chris Patten et
>al. indicative of the beginning of such a cold war already?  What role (if
>any) will Europe's apparent rightward turn play in EU/US relations in the
>foreseeable future?
>Boris Stremlin
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