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Demographic concerns for revolution.
by Adam Starr
12 February 2002 18:19 UTC
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Dear WSN Colleagues,

Many of you have inquired about research or essays
that I have completed. Your response to my first WSN
inquiry has been very positive. I thank you all for
your encouragement.

During the period the fall of 2000 and late summer
2001, I had been living in Northern Thailand and
Cambodia. The later had a particular effect on me and
I have been looking at various ways to come up with an
explanation for what happened to these genuinely
friendly people during the mid-1970's. I was only a
child during this era; some of you may remeber news
reports of the horrific events that took place to me.

It occurred to me (this may seem blatently obvious to
some of you), that social movements were occurring all
over the world at this time. Not just in Southeast
Asia, but everywhere over a twenty year period. It was
a period of world-wide social movements of all sorts
of descriptions.

I came across an essay by J. Goldstone (a social
historian) that has considered the dilema of
revolutions in "Agrarian Bureaucracies" through out
the world during the 15th century. 

This phenomena was localized, better yet, they all
shared similar attributes - mainly demographics and
population growth. I applied Goldstone's criteria for
state breakdown to the events that took place in

I hope you enjoy this undergraduate work. I look
forward to any critiques or comments.

Adam T. Starr

Adam T. Starr
Undergraduate of Political Science, UVic
3009 Quadra Street, Victoria, British Columbia
V8T 4G2 Canada
(011) (250) 472-1223
adam@hornbyisland.com or reunitedhornby@yahoo.com

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Revolution in Cambodia

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