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Re: anti-systemic movements
by Kessler, Judi
20 January 2002 18:30 UTC
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Anthropologist Richard Robbins (in Global Problems and the Culture of
Capitalism) categorizes what the popular media terms "fundamentalist" and
Mark Juergensmeyer calls "nationalist religious movements" as "Antisystemic
Religious Protests".  He claims that Antisystemic Religious Movements hold
in common the following features (and I paraphrase):
1. Emerged as a reaction to secularization, the expansion of the world
economy, or colonial domination
2. Each is historically oriented and interprets contemporary global events
as divine portents that validate their central doctrines
3. Each have designs on state power
4. All insist that believers should keep themselves separate from
5. Each makes a strong appeal to young people
6. Each has a militant segment
7. Stress importance of the family in social life...some place a striking
emphasis on the duty of women to embody tradition...the home for men a
sanctified retreat from the world where they can exert their authority
8. Critical of capitalism, ruthless economic competition...current economic
problems caused by moral degeneration

Some fodder for the discussion...

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this is a very good question. let's have some discussion of this question.
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Subject: question re anti-systemic movements

> I am wondering whether el Qaeda is an anti-systemic movement, in the
> sense of world(-)system(s) research.
> If not, why not?
> In a very general sense, it might be considered as anti-systemic.
> However, it is not clear to me whether it is anti-systemic in a WS
> sense. (Is the adjective "anti-systemic" within world(-)system(s)
> research reserved for leftist movements?)
> Gert
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