Subject: Seminar Outline

GRADUATE SEMINAR PROPOSAL Department of Sociology University of Toronto Sept.- Dec. 1996

Instructor: Andre Gunder Frank

Area: Macrosociology, Political Institutions and the State

Course:6005/6105 Social Change and Development I or II

Content: Macrosociological Theory and the World System


F. Braudel - The Perspective of the World 1982

I. Wallerstein - The Modern World-System 1974-89

Shannon - Introduction to World-System Perspective 1989

Stephens Sanderson, Ed. - Civilizations and World Systems: Two Approaches to the Study of World Historical Change 1995

A.G. Frank & B.K. Gills, Eds - The World System: Five Hundred Years or Five Thousand? 1993


1.Classical Social Theory on the Rise of the West and Capitalism E.L. Jones - The European Miracle [a contemporary summary] K. Marx - Selections M. Weber - Protestant Ethic and Spirit of Capitalism, etc. K. Polanyi - The Great Transformation Tawney, Sombart, Sorokin, etc. - selections?

2.Civilizationism Toynbee - A Study of History Somervell one volume abridgement Quigley - The Evolution of Civilizations Spengler - The Decline of the West Sanderson,ed.- on civilizationism [contemp statements] D. Wilkinson - on civilizationism [a contemporary summary]

3.World-Systems Theory Braudel - The Perspective of the World Wallerstein - The Modern World-System, Historical Capitalism & Selections Palat/ Wallerstein-Of What World-System was pre-1500 India Part? Shannon - Introduction to World-System Perspective 1989

4.The Five Thousand Year World System Frank & Gills-The 5000 Year World System in Theory & Praxis 1995 - The 5000 Year World System:Interdisciplinary Introduction [in Frank & Gills, eds] - World System Cycles, Crises and Hegemonic Shifts 1700 BC - 1700 AD [in Frank & Gills, eds] Wilkinson-Civilizations,Cores,World Economies,Oikumenes[Frank,ed

5.Early Modern World History W. McNeill - The Rise of the West 1963 & "The Rise of the West after Twenty-five Years" 1990 The Pursuit of Power [on China,etc] 1983 J.Abu-Lughod - Before European Hegemony 1989 K.N. Chaudhuri - Asia Before Europe 1990 Trade and Civilization in Indian Ocean 1985 J. Blaut - The Colonizer's Model of the World 1994 [critical] A.W. Crosby - Ecological Imperialism 1986 others - ?

6.Historical Critique and Defense of World-System & Social Theory Frank - The Modern World System Revisited: Re-Reading Braudel and Wallerstein [in Sanderson,ed] - Transitional Ideological Modes: Feudalism,Capitalism,Socialism [in Frank, ed] Frank & Gills - The Modern World System under Asian Hegemony,'94 Wallerstein - World System versus World-Systems [in Frank,ed] S. Amin -Ancient World-Systems vs.Modern Capitalist World-System I. Zeitlin - selections

7.Eurocentrism in History, Sociology/Social Theory & Alternatives?

M. Bernal - Black Athena 1989, 1993 Amin - Eurocentrism 1989 Blaut - The Colonizer's Model 1994 Frank & Zeitlin - to be written 1995? REGIONS AND PROCESSES IN MODERN WORLD SYSTEM HISTORY & THEORY: STUDENT HISTORICAL RESEARCH PAPERS & their seminar discussion 0N China Japan Southeast Asia Central Asia Russia India Persia Ottomans Africa Europe Americas and/or others of student interest feudalism/capitalism transition/s? world trade money migration hegemony and/or war cycles race ethnicity gender ecology culture/religion/ideology and/or others of student interest


- This seminar is to assess how Eurocentric or not received "classical" social and world-systems theory and historical writing are, and to explore more "humanocentric" [eventually also "ecocentric"?] alternative/s. The instructor and his writings suggest that received theory/history has neglected the real historical role of Afro-Asia in world history and that the time is ripe to set the record [and theory?] straight, especially now that East Asia is [again!] pushing to the forefront of the making of world events and history.


hopefully in consultation/agreement with students. This is to be a COLLABORATIVE SEMINAR, for the discussion of readings and the writing and discussion of student research papers - at or near [if possible beyond!] the frontiers of knowledge in this area. Basic READINGS will be common to and for discussion by all. Particular students can, by pre-arrangement according to their interest/choice, take [major] responsibility for particular subsidiary/exemplifying readings [on particular authors, theories, regions, etc.] and can make short written and/or oral reports on them for seminar discussion. A RESEARCH Paper topic [one piece of a jig-saw puzzle common to, and for eventual assembly by, all] is to be chosen by each student by the third week. A first draft is to be prepared for photocopying, distribution to, and reading/discussion by the entire seminar in the 6th and 7th weeks [or thereabouts by common agreement]. A final draft is to be presented for photocopying, distribution, reading/discussion by the entire seminar during the final two weeks. SCHEDULE - subject to amendment Wk 1 -Introduction of content, readings, organization, paper topics Wk 2 -Topic 1 & discussion of paper topic choice Wk 3 -Topic 2 & one page hand-in/discussion of paper topic choice Wk 4 -Topic 3 Wk 5 -Topic 4 Wk 6 -Discussion of paper first drafts Wk 7 -same continued Wk 8 -Topic 5 Wk 9 -Topic 6 Wk 10-Topic 7 Wk 11-Discussion of paper final drafts Wk 12-same continued 13th week - contingencies EVALUATION 25% on the basis of student reports and participation in seminars and 75% on the student research paper.