David Wilkinson
Political Science
University of California, Los Angeles
March 1995
Draft Platform for SIPUM,
the Italian Section of the Party of World Unity
  1. As a concrete step toward the world state: the Western states to finance a program for the exchange of current nuclear systems for consumer goods, the weapons to be taken charge of by an appointed hegemon.
  2. As a concrete step toward global democracy: the direct election of United Nations representatives.
  3. As a concrete step toward the realization of women’s rights, population control and environmental preservation: the state will refuse all cooperation with international aid and relief agencies that do not engage in support of:
    1. women’s cooperative enterprise banks;
    2. family planning, or
    3. systemic reforestation.
  1. Every citizen and every human person legally resident in every state is to be allotted an equal space in a public marketplace where such person may without license, permit, tax, fee, or rent freely buy and sell any commodity or service whose sale is anywhere licit in that state.
  2. By the year 2001 every human being is to have free direct access 24 hours a day to global electronic mail.